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Rain Forest Terrazzo Reimagined Resin Coasters

Rain Forest Terrazzo Reimagined Resin Coasters

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It’s easy to take a material for granted. Assume that it can only do what we’ve always seen it be used for. However, here at Quadko, we spend countless hours reimagining how materials can be mixed, layered and repurposed for different design concepts.

Thus we’re very happy to share with you our first Collectible design series – Reimagined. The first of the series is our take on Terrazzo.

Dating as far back as the Egyptian era and relatively more recently revived by it’s Italian forefathers, this composite material is a staple from everyone’s childhood memories.

The reimagined Terrazzo series consists of small batches of trays and coasters.

The coasters feature resin poured onto our signature pieces of Stacksheet, making each piece a sight to behold. Sold as a set of one, each coaster comes numbered and signed in its own Italian suede leather pouch. 

Due to the cost of materials, wastage and craftsmanship required, our collectible series will always be limited, allowing you to own a piece of Pakistani design history.

Grab yours today, before they run out!


  • Resin
  • Wood
  • Leather

Dimensions: 3.5"X3.5"X0.5

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